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What is plagiarism?

"Plagiarism is the theft and use of the ideas, material and other intellectual property of others that are passed off as one’s own."
SU Senate. 2010. Stellenbosch University policy on academic integrity: the prevention and handling of plagiarism [Internet]. Stellenbosch University. Available: [2011, 9 September].

   What is Turnitin and how does it work?

Turnitin is used by students at various academic establishments to measure plagiarism. Students upload assignments onto the Turnitin database where the papers are compared with billions of pages on the internet (Tunitin Official website). The results are returned in the form of an Originality Report that gives clear explanations of possible plagiarism.

 How do I submit a Turnitin assignment in WebStudies?

These guidelines and tips will help you submit Turnitin assisgnments in WebStudies. You may contact your faculty librarian if you do not have access to Turnitin and want to use the Library Turnitin module on WebStudies.

 Where can I get help and training?

Plagiarism forms part of most library training sessions. Ask a Librarian if you need help.
Other support services:
The Writing lab offers writing workshops and consultation to all students. Plagiarism forms part of these academic writing skills workshops.
The Division for Research Development (DRD) offers ethic workshops


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